NUX Mighty Lite BT mkII

Guitar practice amp with bluetooth connectivity, built-in drum machine, effects, and more.
Guitar practice amp with bluetooth connectivity, built-in drum machine, effects, and more.
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Say hello to the next generation of the Mighty Lite BT! The mkII model takes the already successful Mighty Lite BT amplifier to new heights by introducing a range of exciting features, modes, and computer editing capabilities. Get ready to explore a world of sonic possibilities, all conveniently packed into a compact and portable design.

Enhanced Connectivity and Editing
With its desktop form factor and the ability to run on 6 x AA batteries or an optional 9V adaptor, the mkII retains its user-friendly design. However, it now incorporates a USB type-C port, allowing you to connect it to your PC or Mac computer for seamless editing using the Mighty Editor software. Alternatively, take advantage of the Bluetooth connection to wirelessly edit settings through the Mighty Amp app. Download both the software and app for free from, and dive into a universe of customization.

Versatile Functionality
The Mighty Lite BT mkII goes beyond traditional amplification. Alongside its exceptional sound, it supports audio streaming over Bluetooth, enabling you to play along with backing tracks. Additionally, it boasts a built-in drum machine that enhances solo practice sessions.

Expanded Sound Palette
Prepare to be amazed by the array of new features offered by the mkII. It introduces effects, modulations, and fresh amp models to ignite your creativity. With the inclusion of an IR loader, you gain the flexibility of cabinet simulation, ensuring your sound is precisely tailored to your preferences. Furthermore, you can conveniently program and store up to 7 internal presets, providing instant access to your favorite tones.

The Mighty Lite BT mkII caters to a wide range of musicians. Whether you’re practicing in your bedroom, working in a project studio, or constantly on the move, this versatile amplifier delivers a vast palette of tones in a manageable package. Experience professional-grade sound quality wherever your musical journey takes you.

The Mighty Lite BT mkII is here to redefine what’s possible in a compact guitar amplifier. Combining convenience, versatility, and an abundance of features, this reinvented model offers limitless potential. Get ready to unleash your creativity and take your sound to new heights with the Mighty Lite BT mkII.