Korg AX1500G

Quality guitar processor by Korg.  Good condition with power supply.
Quality guitar processor by Korg.  Good condition with power supply.
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Quality guitar processor by Korg.  Good condition with power supply. Quality guitar processor by Korg.  Good condition with power supply. Quality guitar processor by Korg.  Good condition with power supply. Quality guitar processor by Korg.  Good condition with power supply.
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The new ToneWorks AX1500G is packed with 56 different effects and gives you everything from ultra-realistic models of great stomp boxes, amps and speaker cabinets to essential effects like chorus, reverb, delay, pitch shift, and more.


  • 48 preset and 48 user multi-effects programs, with up to 8 effects at once
  • 2 selectable channels per program, just like a channel-switching amp
  • Expression pedal for real-time effects control
  • Super easy to use. Create the sounds you want by turning a few knobs 
  • Illuminated display for excellent visibility - even on stage
  • Phrase Trainer makes it easy to learn riffs by ear 
  • Sample & Play function lets you record a phrase and loop or reverse it
  • Road-rugged metal body and parts
  • Korg auto-chromatic tuner and metronome built in
  • Korg's proprietary REMS technology creates the most amazingly realistic digital models of popular effects, amps, and speaker cabinets

    Korg's REMS Technology
    Korg's REMS (Resonant structure and Electronic circuit Modeling System) technology enables the AX1500G to deliver truly great sounding effects - and a lot of them! The amp/distortion sounds go all the way from warm classic-tube overdrive to extreme high-gain metal. You get the sounds of a closet full of classic stomp boxes plus spring reverb, tape echo, and more. There's even an acoustic simulator that models an electric-acoustic sound. With vintage and modern, closed and open-back cabinet models that run the gamut from 4x12 stacks to 1x8 combos, the AX1500G is one incredibly versatile tone machine.

    Easy Editing
    With the new AX1500G, versatility doesn't come at the price of complexity. The ToneWorks' design team wanted to ensure that getting great sounds was quick and easy. That's why the user interface will be familiar to any guitarist whose ever used a stomp box: knobs and switches. Creating and editing programs with the AX1500G is very intuitive and the vintage-style "chicken head" knobs are cool, too! 

    96 Instantly Accessible Programs
    The AX1500G comes with 48 preset programs plus the ability to store 48 additional programs of your own creation. Up to 8 effects can be combined per program and you can turn individual effects on or off with the AX1500G's foot switches.

    One of the unique things about the AX1500G is that it gives the guitarist 2 selectable channels per program. Like a channel-switching amp, you can change channels instantly (without moving to a different program) and go from a rhythm to a solo sound instantly.

    Built-in Expression Pedal offers Real-Time Control
    The AX1500G's built-in Expression pedal provides real-time control of eleven effects like wah, volume, and pitch bend. The Expression pedal can also be used to control the AX1500G's Sample & Play function. Sample & Play makes it possible to record up to 8 seconds of your own playing, loop the recorded phrase and play along with it, play the phrase in reverse, and do other kinds of wild studio effects.

    Power-Paced Practice with the Phase Trainer
    The AX1500G also boasts a Phrase Trainer that makes learning riffs by ear really simple. Say you want to copy a guitar solo. The Phrase Trainer lets you record up to 16 seconds from a CD or cassette; slow down the playback speed to as little as 25% of the original without changing its pitch, and loop the playback to repeat the phrase over and over until you get it! There's even a Hold function that lets you extend a specific note. The AX1500G even includes an AUX IN feature so you can play along with an external audio source. 

    Auto Chromatic Tuner
    Korg invented the first hand-held electronic tuner and continues to be the leader in the field. In fact, many of the world's "guitar heroes" rely on guitar techs that rely on Korg tuners to keep their guitars in perfect playing shape. The AX1500G features a built-in Korg auto-chromatic tuner that functions in Bypass and Mute modes. The Mute mode, which lets you tune silently, is ideal for tuning on stage. And there's even a built-in metronome!

    The AX1500G is one great sounding (and great looking) multi-effects processor that's packed with cool features. Try one. Whether you're recording or playing live, you'll appreciate the AX1500G's versatility and truckloads of tone.

    Effect Types

    Classic comp
    Tube od
    Classic dist
    Fat dist
    Metal dist
    Big fuzz
    Top boost
    Us hi-gain
    Brit stack

    1x8 tweed
    1x12 tweed
    1x12 black panel
    1x12 ac15
    2x12 black panel
    2x12 ac30
    2x12 class a
    4x10 tweed
    4x12 classic
    4x12 vintage
    4x12 modern

    Classic chorus
    Stereo chorus
    Classic flanger
    Mod delay
    Black phaser
    Orange phaser
    Pitch shifter
    Auto wah

    Vox wah
    Pitch bend
    Ring mod
    Hold delay
    Tap delay

    Echo plus
    Multi head echo
    Stereo delay
    Ping pong delay