Gear4music DD501

Entry-level drum kit in good condition.
Entry-level drum kit in good condition.
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Entry-level drum kit in good condition. Entry-level drum kit in good condition. Entry-level drum kit in good condition. Entry-level drum kit in good condition.
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The 501's drum module has an impressive collection of drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. You have 108 voices to choose from, spanning Rock, Pop, Reggae, Country and more. 40 preset tracks are available to play along with to build your skills. There are 10 preset drum kits, and 5 user kits can be saved, meaning you can combine sounds from all the different kits - build the drum kit of your choice!

Fancy sharpening your skills? The DD-501 can help you develop and improve as a player. If you want to speed things up or slow things down, then no problem; the DD-501's tempo control can easily be adjusted to suit your groove. The on-board metronome is a tried and trusted training ground, perfect for developing rock-solid timing.

The DD-501 comes with 3 Tom Pads, 2 Cymbal Pads, 1 Snare Pad (dual trigger), 1 Hi-Hat, 1 Hi-Hat Control Pedal and 1 Kick Trigger. With natural feeling responsive drum pads and a dual trigger snare, you will be able to replicate and practice drum rudiments and techniques like rim shots and cross sticking.

With clear cable-labelling and straightforward assembly, the DD-501 is ready to play in no time. All cabling is hidden within the rack, making this kit ideal for use in smaller practice spaces, rehearsal rooms and at home. The sturdy uniquely "C" shaped rack ensures that the DD-501 is capable of withstanding your heaviest beats.

Plug a set of headphones into the DD-501 and you can continue to rock without annoying the neighbours. When you need to thrash though, connect the output to a set of speakers or an amp. You can hold down the rhythm end to your favourite tracks too - just plug your iPod or MP3 player into the mix in socket.

The on-board USB port allows for easy connection to a PC; allowing you to link up to tuition software and add to your arsenal of drum sounds.


501 Kit Pads

  • Tom Pads: 3 single trigger
  • Cymbal Pads: 2 single trigger
  • Snare Pad: 1 dual trigger
  • Hi-Hat: 1 single trigger
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal: 1
  • Kick Trigger: 1

501 Module

  • Sounds: 108
  • Kits: 10 Preset, 5 User
  • Songs: 40 Preset, 1 User


  • Power Jack
  • Phones
  • Output
  • Mix In
  • USB Port
  • Trigger Input Connector


  • Power Switch
  • Start/Stop
  • Save/Record
  • Kit/Volume
  • Voice/Volume
  • Pattern/Volume
  • Drum Off
  • Click
  • Tempo